Industrial Park - Visit Dibo industrial park located in Romania, in Prahova near Ploiesti. Dibo is the first privat industrial park in Romania

Industrial Park Prahova - Romania located near Ploiesti city

DIBO Industrial Park

First private industrial park in Romania - Prahova

DIBO Industrial Park was settled in 1998, as a Dutch investition which offers for rental industrial halls and offices of high quality standard and whose success is proved by the large number of investors who have come here so far.

Industrial park near Ploiesti City in Prahova county - Romania

With an area now of 9 ha and 16 industrial halls, DIBO Industrial Park is convenient situated in Negoiesti-Brazi, Prahova county, in the beltway of city Ploiesti, and at the crossing point of main roads which link the principal geographical regions of the country (see map). This thing facilitates the access to the following important cities:

  • Bucharest (60 km) – in DN 1, through Otopeni, and in DN 1A through Buftea
  • Brasov (110km) – in DN 1 through Sinaia and in DN 1A through Cheia
  • Pitesti (130 km) – in DN 72 through Targoviste
  • Buzau (70 km) – in DN 1B

Moreover, there is immediate access to the railway system through the CFR station from Ploiesti and Brazi and to the custom house from Ploiesti.

Built since 2001, from metal panels of „sandwich” type, aluminium joinery and double glazing, the halls offered by DIBO Industrial Park are perfectly thermo and phonic isolated, have natural and artificial lighting, break and fire alarm system, air ventilation, smoke and hot gas vents, electrical power (220/380V, 6MW total power), phone and internet connection possibilities, access to the gas system. More, the area has hydrants and equipment for fire extinction, a modern water system with own equipment for chlorine treatment, pumping and sewage, relaxation spaces, special area for having barbecues, parties beautiful gardens, a.s.o.

The halls have industrial floors, of 22 cm thick, covered with a special quartz layer, with a static resistence of minimum 10 t/sqm.

For more security, the area is permanently guarded by professionals, external cameras, infrared barriers and night lighting.